Jock Scott

Hook: Philips of Dublin 9/0 blindeye with silks gut eye

Tyingsilk: Yellow Pearsall's silk

Tip: Fine round Silvertinsel

Tag: Yellow Silk

Tail: 3 Topping and Indian crow

Butt: Black Ostrich

Rib: Rear half large oval silver tinsel. Front half flat silver tinsel and large oval silver tinsel alongside each other (flat in front of oval)

Body: Yellow silk over rear half, veiled with 2 x 3 Toucan feathers and butted with black ostrich. Front half black silk .

Bodyhackle: Black natural well tapered cock neck hackle over front half

Underwing: Black bar/ white tip turkey tailfeather

Fronthackle: Smallspotted guineafowl   (here is used vulturine guineafowl)

Wing: Gold pheasant tail, yellow-red and blue swan, speckled bustard and on larger flies like this Argus instead of peacock. On smaller flies the wing is capped with a roof of bronze mallard which reach to the tip of the wing to fill out up to the topping, but is left out on bigger flies because the Bronze mallard is  too small .

Note: The wing is tied down with two threads : one going right and another going left to prevent wing to slide or collapse. Sides and cheeks are also tied in this way to make them lay close to the wing.

Sides: Black and white barred mandarin duck and pintail .

Cheeks: Jungle cock and blue chatterer (J.cock moulting feathers from my own stock of live birds).

Horns: Two strands of green peacock swords on each side  and one blue and yellow macaw on each side of the wing

Topping: Two gold pheasant topping over all.

Head: Black